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Perfect Endeavor
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Planning for Perfect Endeavor began Winter of 2003.

This log was started Wednesday, December 15th, 2004, nearly a year later.

If you would like to take part in the development of Perfect Endeavor MUD/MUCK, please join.

--==[ We are in need of: ]==--

Writers -- Anyone skilled in writing storyline, helpfiles, area descriptions, misc other.

Coders -- Anyone remotely familiar with C, C++ or Java, as well as coding using various codebases such as ROT.

Builders -- Anyone with experience building using OLC on the MUD end or MPI on the MUCK end.

Questors -- Anyone experienced in running/helping with/participating in quests, be they imm-run, or autoquests.

Immortals -- Anyone with experience as an IMM, whether it be Quest IMMing, Building, Coding, Enforcing, General Player Relations or just helping out.

PK-ers -- Anyone with experience playerkilling.

People with ideas! -- Anyone with ideas about how to make the game fun, exciting and keep it dynamic.

Testers -- Any 'experienced' MUD/MUCKer willing to help us gauge usefulness of ideas and eventually help with testing the game.

If you fit the bill for any one or more of these, please join.

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