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The Story


"Time has come," began the Universe.

"Time will be linear and sequential. It will put
order to all matter and give system to all being."

"It is time," responds Chaos, "indeed as it is,
that will put order to myself and thus be my end."

And so by Chaos a great rift of power was created
to split time into three within one world.

The first for all that is good within disorder,
second for all that is neutral within disorder,
and third for all that is evil within disorder.

Henceforth there were three separate dimensions
of time within our world. There was the past,
the present, and the future. All being was torn
from itself and matter reshaped.

And Chaos saw that it had done well.

"These multiple dimensions will cause disruption
for all matter and confusion for all being. So
long as being is confused and matter is disrupted,
the rift will never be sealed."

The Universe wept, but gathered its courage,
uttering a great rallying cry. "Time still exists!
There is still time to put this back into order!
May being band together to put order to matter so
that we may seal this rift of chaos!"

Thus is the struggle that life on our world faces.
Disorientation caused by dimensional shifts are a
constant aggravation and threat to wellbeing and
sanity. Fed by death, riftquakes tear apart homes,
families, cities, regions and the mental health of
each living being.

There are, however, ways to adapt and to conform.
There are ways to exploit the powers of Chaos and
advantages to using the dimensions for one's own
gain and success.

But this path is only for those who can keep a
stable mind and steady hand, and for those who wish
to prolong the lifelong struggle between order and
disorder, between confusion and perception.

The rift may only be sealed forever
when the dimensions cease to be exploited
and when there is no death left to feed it.

This is our Perfect Endeavor:
to bind the edges of the past, present and future
and become immortalized in an all-pervasive
New Order of Peace.
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